Smart class Rooms

The school specializes in multimedia teaching for classes  LKG to X11. The  classrooms are  equipped with digital boards , LCD projectors and the  required equipments .The virtual  presentation of tougher concepts with the aid of audio-visuals will penetrate the dulling minds in the class rooms.


CCE-Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

CCE aims  at providing holistic profile  of the learner through regular assessment  of scholastic  and co-scholastic domains of his/her  all round  development .Grades instead of numerical  scores  are awarded  to the students  strictly as per the CBSE  norms .The scholastic areas refer  to the academic  domain  which is related  to intellect  or the brain ; and the learners as assessed through monthly tests, assignments , class work , projects , oral drills etc..(Formative Assement –FA)and through  a Summative  Assessment (SA) carried out at the end of each term (September and March) .Co-scholastic refers to those  aspects which are related  to hand and heart . These  include psychomotor  skills , physical  development , art and life skills , attitudes , values , interests  and participation in co-scholastic activities.

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Co- scholastic Area

For the over all  development  of the students school provides ample opportunity through active membership in various  clubs  and several other  co-scholastic activities. Training  is imparted  in vocal music, band, instrumental  music dance  .Cultural and literary activities  are organized  by different  clubs functioning  in the school . They are also made expertise in embroidery, glass painting, pencil  drawing , fabric  painting , oil painting  etc .Students  are given coaching in Kung-fu, Yoga and meditation. They are given freedom to participate  in various sports and games competitions conducted in the school to induce team spirit and help them to take up responsibility as youth.