St. Antony Mary Claret


St. Little Flower

Little Flower Public School is owned and managed by the Society for Education and Charity, Kollamula, Reg. No. P. 288/95, part of the Social Services of Claretian Missionaries, St. Thomas Province. The Manager of the school is the ex-officio Chairman of the Society.



Our vision is that “Knowledge should  not be confined to the four walls of the institution .it should percolate  outside, reach out of the needy  and the  unreached ; encourage , students  to appreciate  the virtues  of collaboration; foster the habits of responsibility and self-discipline ; promote initiatives  and exercise of individual judgment ; and encourage an attitude of positive response to the persistent demands  of a changing society , yet firmly upholding a belief in basic values and standards”


Mission statement

It is the mission of the Claretian educational apostolate to form spiritually oriented morally upright, intellectually  competent ,socially responsive  and culturally tolerant  citizens, through holistic  education in a warm , nurturing environment , for  the creation of civilization of love.